where we end

2006-09-05 – 22:55

Today I am celebrating an anniversary. I don’t remember my family member’s birth-dates, I don’t remember national Independence Day date, but somehow I exactly remember this one: on the 5th of September 2005 I started “the adult life” and joined Accenture. :D First day at work, big expectations, new people and situations. 10 months there and enough. What’s left – some experience and a few friends. Good start – that’s it.

Two years ago on the 5th of September I was having a tea by a the Tigris River in Turkey, about 30 km from the border with Iraq. This was a part of Operation What’s Underneath that I made with Rafa. I was thinking then if I could be anymore crazy. And the next I got much more crazy getting even closer to the forbidden territory. (BTW: check this).

Yeah, my life changed quite a lot since then. Have I?

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