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it’s never pure

Saturday, December 30th, 2006

Some pics from Brussels:

Concert at the pub of 2 million beers.

My street in a morning.

My district. I like the contras – small narrow houses vs. big skyscrapers.

syndrom palonych miast

Wednesday, December 27th, 2006

Na Święta zwykle nastawiam się negatywnie. Rodzina bliższa i dalsza, te same rozmowy o tym kto ma ile kasy, kto na co choruje, a komu się zmarło. Jednak w tym roku nie było strasznie. W Święta wskoczyłem prosto z biegu. Zakupy na lotnisku, przylot z Brukseli, dół na terminalu lotów krajowych w Warszawie (żenujący jest ten “terminal”), i lulu. W piątek zdalna praca – praktycznie tylko rezerwacje i rozliczenie papierków i pierwsze frustracje rodzinne. A wieczorem wigilia klasowa i przedwczesne wyjście po angielsku. W sobotę sopot, piwko z Tomkiem i Lesiem, Atelier (puste – wszystkie porządne dziewczyny ten dzień spędzają przy garach), a potem jeszcze jedno miejsce i zapiekanka na Świętojańskiej.

Wigilia bez stresów większych. Chyba rodzina wrzuca sobie na luz i walka o egzystencję nie jest już podstawowym tematem. Wszelkie próby dominacji zbyte bez komentarza lub pogardliwym spojrzeniem. Dzieciaki się ucieszyły z prezentów, goście za długo nie siedzieli, czyli spoko.

Poniedziałek – nic.

A we wtorek już się trzeba pakować, uczyć, a wieczorem umówione piwko.i przegrałem w grze zwanej obsesją zapachów. i to ja byłem ten zły.

A rano w taksówce usłyszałem, że to już jest koniec.

syndrom palonych miast (burnt cities syndrome) – when you are about to leave a place and there is no return, suddenly everything starts to work out, you meet somebody, have great fun, travel, it’s better than ever before. The reason for that to happen is probably because when you are about to leave a place ‘forever’ you do things normally you wouldn’t do, you take some risks you wouldn’t normally take. Happened to me before going to Turkey, when I was leaving Turkey, before going to Iran, and yesterday.

One of those weekends that make you a few months older

Tuesday, December 19th, 2006

One of those weekends that make you a few months older.

Friday – going uninvited with Ignacio to a party of our neighbours. 3 girls+1 guy living in a fucking nice 2-storey apartment. Maaaaany people (students), Żubrówka with apple juice and beers. Somehow couldn’t find a common language with those.

Saturday – I cook my first ever tortilla! We were invited to some latino friends of Ignacio. They work here as corporate bitches in PWC, E&Y, etc. Having a good life here. Nice looking girls/wives, nice clothes and expensive watches. Good food and good drinks. And quite nice after all. And a funny Serbian guy – Slavic blood rules! And the quote of the evening ‘you don’t understand, cause you don’t have an MBA’. Bottle of Gold Wasser, wine, tequilas.

Sunday – having a walk (looking for a car which we left). Then driving to Antverpen. Seeing around (so crowded!), beer, red district, back to Brussels, Ixelles, falafel, beer.

Monday – corporate life – 9-20. Nothing works right, everything crashes, error messages all around. Fucking bad day except for the fact they I bought a ticket to Mexico. Princess, I am coming!… in may. And going with Ignacio to the Xmas fair – hot wine and beer at Monk.


Friday, December 15th, 2006

corporate rats

they put xmas decoration everywhere. brussels is lovely now. just the snow is missing.

our girl

Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

There is a new girl in our apartment in Brussels. Ignacio brought her home and she just stayed. She is extremely cute and I fell in love with her at the moment I’ve entered the apartment today and saw her. Here she is (with Ignacio):

Warsaw defined

Sunday, December 10th, 2006

I’ve spent here quite a while working my ass off here and partying… Warsaw – the capital of Poland. About 2 mln people. People love it or hate it. Busy living, busy dying. Fast life in the pure capitalistic frames. People wanting to have fun right now and right here and willing to pay for that. I am a part of this mechanism. Overworked and with some extra money to spend – deep in this shit. Warsaw baby… yeah, right?!?! hell yeah! ;-)

Accelerating The Speed Of Light

Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

Moved to Brussels! :-)
Yeap, since Monday I am renting a room in downtown. Leaving with a Spanish guy (who went to Sweden at the moment) and feeling better. No more fucking hotels (at least for a while) and their prison-cell-like rooms, no more boring neighbourhoods. So if you wanna visit – just come.Some weeks ago I went for Poland-Belgium in Brussels.

I rarely watch games on TV and don’t care much about football… I’ve never been to a game like this, but it really was a nice experience. Thousands of Polish supporters and a good game. And we won!

Hard time at work – 10 hours per day at least. :( And it’s not even close to the end of the project. So it will be worse I suppose. :( That sucks. Totally.

And studies… Have to learn something from time to time. I never switch off.

Thinking about New Years Eve… Options: Poland (seaside), Brussels or Turkey. Will have to decide till the end of this week.