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The good things come in packages

Saturday, March 31st, 2007

Smile, spring, sea, beer, smell, friends, coffee, tea, pizza, fun, music, love, satisfaction, balance, taxi, travel, moon, people, places, planes, clouds, happiness, movie, easygoing, self acceptance, pics, magic, touch, emotions, tight, dance, sun, dalmatian…

Everything that happens to me recently makes a perfect positive combination. Ten millions little moments. And it’s good. And I want it to last. And I am happy.

Ja tu jeszcze wrócę…

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

The spring has fulfilled me with a great amount of energy. I got a big (but motivating) kick in my butt after leaving Brussels (yes, baby, time to spread the magic somewhere else). And being in Gdynia, working from home, enjoying the weather is extremely motivating. Trying to overcome my laziness and try and try and try… To have a good life, to give some joy to the ones around me by tiny little things. I went out of my shelter of arrogance and i-hate-everyone and i-hate-my-job attitude and i am trying to live the moment. Even though I am overworked and missing time and missing sleep, so far it’s going well.

I hope I will not get burned. Or my motivation won’t go off in flames…

Yeah, it’s spring babe, shall we do something about that!?!?!?

See You Around

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

This one is dedicated to one Spanish Bastard and one Belgian Girl because of whom my stay in Brussels was such an amazing time. I will not even try to write how I feel about the time we had and how I felt leaving you. Even though it feels hard and cuts like a knife – life moves on. Time to spread some magic somewhere else!

Thanks guys. Much Love! And see you around!

Corporate bitch

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

Corporate Bitch
lyrics: Ignacio Lopez Ibanez and Szymon
music: Ignacio Lopez Ibanez
vocals: Ignacio Lopez Ibanez and Aurelie Neumann

Yesterday I entered the corporate world,
Everyone was smiling and saying hello,
people well dressed, expensive cloths,
gsm mobile phone, corporate toys.

I entered my office at the one hundred tenth floor,
and i put my wife´s picture close to the phone,
i read the new reports and analyze the stock.

business that´s all I want to do,
for you i give up my life now,
Loneliness who cares about you when cash flows,
stakeholders are my new secret love.

I start collecting business cards and playing the role.
I have a million miles but no place to go.

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Thursday, March 15th, 2007


Wednesday, March 14th, 2007

Came to Gdynia Tuesday-Friday. I needed to see the sea. I was sick of the city view to the horizon, heavy air and rushing crowds. In Gdynia life goes slower.

Cause this is my city and I am from here.

On Friday going to Brussels for one week (this time it will be the last one – but I have already had one which was kinda-last-one, so I think I will manage). Can’t wait to see the Spanish bastard and the nasty Belgian girl.

And I am counting down the days to the Mexico trip. Damn – I am absolutely not ready. But there is still some time. Princess… counting on you!

And remember kids – LIFE IS THE BEST (especially when you are Szymon K. – screw the rest :P ).

go out and smile

Monday, March 12th, 2007

I have to appreciate my life more. I am the fortunate one. So far everything is going perfect. My life is interesting, so is my job. I have wonderful friends with whom I share wonderful moments. I keep visiting amazing places and getting new experiences.

I have to travel more and see more. I have to smile and be more interested in others. I have to learn self acceptance. I have one million options everyday to be a better person – I have to take just a few of them. It’s so easy.

missing puzzles

Friday, March 9th, 2007


Space ship has landed.

Visiting Lille (Ola, Natalia, Magda, Szymon, Justyna)


This guy doesn’t fit here. Tomek visiting Brussels.

Nacho as always super-polite. And Marvin – South African.

Prince charming.

This is what happens when people borrow your camera (Ivana’s farewell party).

Just love this street and the contrast of small narrow houses and big skyscrapers (close to the place I’ve always parked).

Visiting Brussels is fun!

Rue Royale – the most important street in Brussels (Szymon lives here).

(temporary shaving)

On the way home.

Be my Valentine.

Life insurance pays off triple if you die on a business trip

Monday, March 5th, 2007

Found my way to earn my first million.

Watched Fight Club on a plane after 2 hours of sleep. This cannot end well. Fucking tired.