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the best day of my life

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

Dear children,

I remember one evening in 2007. We were coming back at 2 pm in the middle of the night with some friends (Aurelie, Nacho, Cedric). We were quite tired (completely drunk). Suddenly we have noticed strange patterns on the Dexia building which was on our way home. Some psychodelic colors and figures moving on it. It looked as somebody was playing some crazy version of tetris on it. We came closer and noticed that this was happening for real, not because we were so tired (completely drunk). There was a control panel and you could control the patterns displayed on the building! But it was 2 am, so they were already closing.

We came there the following day. We were tired again but we made it on time. Using the big touch panel we painted the building in squares, lines, colors… It was awesome. We were playing like kids for a long time.

I remember that day clearly. This was one of the best days in my life.

Your grandfa,

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dreaming of Himalayas

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007


Nobody would like to live like that. Nobody but me.

Tuesday, February 20th, 2007

Things always get crazy at the end. First Ola arriving to Belgium for her Erasmus, so we have spent some weekends travelling with her and Magda and later on with Natalia (damn, Polish chicks is one of the reasons for not living in Poland… but they get you everywhere). Going to Lille to meet with Justyna and Geoffrey. Then Tomek coming for one week for a training and hanging out with him almost every night, spending the Valentine’s Day together (ending up on a drink in the red district). And of course hanging out with Nacho and Aurelie. Pink adventures. Breakfasts at the Turkish place. Evenings in Mapamundo or Delirium. Faro, Kriek and the Peanuts Wine. Amazing time. And the feeling of leaving which got me when I was walking the well-known way to pick up Aurelie from work for the last time during the last night in Brussels. It just hit me. Again leaving the place I started to love and, even worse, people I love. And I just can’t believe happened in just 2,5 months (2 months of leaving in a hotel don’t count). Great adventure and a big temptation of stability. I really loved the time in Brussels and it is fucking hard to move on.

The way back home is always long.

But… I am coming back there for one week in March!

And today I was flying via Zurich. I have seen Alps in the light of the sunset. There is hope. Can’t wait to see Himalayas. :-)

full of magic, beauty, opportunity… and television.

Sunday, February 11th, 2007

Lots of things happened recently. Really good time. Magic moments. Impossible to describe. So just some photos…

Staying in Brussels till the 20th. End of an era.