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2006-10-08 – 20:49

Last week was quite busy. 3 days of work in Walldorf (Germany), later 2 days of team off-site meeting in Hanau (Germany). 60 people from 11 countries. Power of diversity. Polish team is the second biggest after Germans. We got an unofficial nickname “Former Soviet Republic”. LOL. At least this one is funny. In fact I am proud to be Polish and I am really happy that these were Russians who colonized us in 1945 not the Americans. I mean the culture…

This week I am spending in Warsaw. After spending some time in Germany I must say I really like it. Trams, people, streets… it all makes the well known pattern – my natural environment.

I am sick again. Autumn’s coming and I can feel it in my old bones.

Next week I am starting in Brussels. New adventure. I hope to have nice time there. And maybe find a girl to practise French… dirty French. hłehłehłe

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