overworked, overlearnt, overpartied, underslept

2006-10-30 – 13:44

Monday. Taxi driver trying to cheat me at 5:30AM, telephones to his company, complaints and Important Guy calling me back to say sorry and to let me know that they are improving. Morning flight to Brussels. Finally I had 3 seconds to look out of the window and notice that the world is beautiful. 3 seconds during 3 weeks – not bad.Again I am speeding up. Project in Brussels (3rd week starting), studies (damn – homeworks! and exams!), partying in Warsaw (hard as always… or maybe even harder) and too little sleep. I never switch off. Trying to listen to the French courses on my ipod. Going fast forward without knowing were it leads. Just to keep myself occupied. There is not such a thing as “spare time”. There is always something to arrange. Dentist visit in 4 weeks, prepare 2 team projects for studies, new project at work, arrange new years eve, find a suitable moment (and destination!) for vacation next year, have a beer after work, catch a flight to Warsaw and go to party. I made up a joke that the first thing that i do in the morning is switching on the computer to check where the fuck i am today – Warsaw, Brussels, Gdansk, Bad Schonborn, Walldorf… and why is it dark outside and the clock shows 5am?
Oh yes, airport, taxi, 5:30. But, I guess, I like it. :-)

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  2. I hope you can fit a beer with old friend on his way to Ecuador this evening ;-) ?

    By PanCake on Nov 3, 2006

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