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2007-01-22 – 00:57

New Year’s Eve (or Sylvester) was for me one of the biggest cultural experiences for me. And it was all because of visitors – Ignacio’s friends coming to Brussels for a few days – 4 Spanish and 1 French.

Being with them was really great (even though they spoke Spanish a lot and I couldn’t understand a shit). After some time I understood that comparing to the Polish people, we should be on a prosac all the fucking time.

On the 31 we went first to Eindhoven. Just visiting which ended up with a nice photo session (picture above).

The thing that amazed me most was… cooking. These guys were working on that like well-oiled machines, which ended up with a table full of food.

In Spain you start ny eve with food and start drinking/partying at midnight. In Poland at midnight you are already fucking drunk and you are half way to a hangover.

Then there were fireworks and eating 12 grapes for 12 prosperous months (Aurelie joined us after family dinner).

Then there was a big rain in Brussels.

Then we went to a pub.

Then we did a lot of walking.

And then we went to a party on a barge.

And then we went home.

I really enjoyed it! Perfect ny eve. And no hangover!

More pics here.

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