i have a million miles but no place to go

2007-01-24 – 01:24

This week I am on a sick leave (fucking virus throat infection – screw you, Belgian viruses!) so I have time to do things that I don’t have time for usually. So today I was cooking… :-) But also I am really fascinated by Google Earth. Really amazing to look at the places I’ve been to or I wanna go to. Amazing piece of software. Anyway, here you have a sample of that. Currently I claim to be homeless. But the fact is that I have 3 homes.

The first one is in Gdynia. This is my family house, the one I was living since high school till the end of the studies. With a view on a gulf and a port. The second one is in Brussels – apartment I share with Ignacio – crazy Spanish bastard. Nice house with a garden in a not-so-good district but quite close to the center. For me – perfect.The third one is in Warsaw where I rent a room at Karolina’s place (my friend from high school in Gdynia). I have to have a place here because of my studies. So in fact I don’t have my own place on this crazy small planet. And not planning to at the moment. 3 homes but none of them is for real. Fucking homeless. Not my time to throw an anchor. Yet.

BTW – if you like Google Earth I would really appreciate if you sent me your places.

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