the best day of my life

2007-02-28 – 22:36

Dear children,

I remember one evening in 2007. We were coming back at 2 pm in the middle of the night with some friends (Aurelie, Nacho, Cedric). We were quite tired (completely drunk). Suddenly we have noticed strange patterns on the Dexia building which was on our way home. Some psychodelic colors and figures moving on it. It looked as somebody was playing some crazy version of tetris on it. We came closer and noticed that this was happening for real, not because we were so tired (completely drunk). There was a control panel and you could control the patterns displayed on the building! But it was 2 am, so they were already closing.

We came there the following day. We were tired again but we made it on time. Using the big touch panel we painted the building in squares, lines, colors… It was awesome. We were playing like kids for a long time.

I remember that day clearly. This was one of the best days in my life.

Your grandfa,

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