Corporate bitch

2007-03-20 – 00:21

Corporate Bitch
lyrics: Ignacio Lopez Ibanez and Szymon
music: Ignacio Lopez Ibanez
vocals: Ignacio Lopez Ibanez and Aurelie Neumann

Yesterday I entered the corporate world,
Everyone was smiling and saying hello,
people well dressed, expensive cloths,
gsm mobile phone, corporate toys.

I entered my office at the one hundred tenth floor,
and i put my wife´s picture close to the phone,
i read the new reports and analyze the stock.

business that´s all I want to do,
for you i give up my life now,
Loneliness who cares about you when cash flows,
stakeholders are my new secret love.

I start collecting business cards and playing the role.
I have a million miles but no place to go.

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  1. One Response to “Corporate bitch”

  2. I am the stupid guy who made the music and all I can say is that I regret it. The corporate world is wonderful, is feeding our kids, winning the hearts and minds, changing our different ways of seeing life. LIFE is a MIRACLE and you are the number, but you know these numbers are getting angry and want to break down the system…we are watching you, we will tear all apart.

    By Anonymous on Mar 24, 2007

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