Ja tu jeszcze wrócę…

2007-03-29 – 01:56

The spring has fulfilled me with a great amount of energy. I got a big (but motivating) kick in my butt after leaving Brussels (yes, baby, time to spread the magic somewhere else). And being in Gdynia, working from home, enjoying the weather is extremely motivating. Trying to overcome my laziness and try and try and try… To have a good life, to give some joy to the ones around me by tiny little things. I went out of my shelter of arrogance and i-hate-everyone and i-hate-my-job attitude and i am trying to live the moment. Even though I am overworked and missing time and missing sleep, so far it’s going well.

I hope I will not get burned. Or my motivation won’t go off in flames…

Yeah, it’s spring babe, shall we do something about that!?!?!?

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  2. I love spring!! Here it is summer in full bloom already :)
    I’m glad that you’ve found motivation to continue what you are doing and you are enjoying your time in Gdynia!
    Thanks for sharing that motivation and energy, I need it ;)


    By Joanna on Mar 29, 2007

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