god damn right, it’s a beatiful day

2007-05-03 – 06:14

Mexico city welcomed me with heavy gray sky and wet streets. It looked very impressive from the air, after the dusk, with all the orange lights on. Huuuuge city. One tip regarding the travel – never take Air France. The food they server on the plane… damn, what the hell is that? :-)Sandra came with her boyfriend to pick me up from the airport. Then just 2 of us took a bus to Puebla. Then parents picked us up from the bus station, went to buy the first meal (tacos) and then stayed in the kitchen till 2 am (9 am for me) talking. The good news is that with Sandra we started up right where we finished in Turkey. 3 years passed and we are still very good friends – right away. Really great. And you know her… she’s such a sweetheart. :-) I expect lots of fun. Problems are local. All I have been living with and worrying about – here it doesn’t exist. Ok, maybe my bank account might be the (dis)connector. Nevertheless for these 3 weeks I am OFF.

the first meal in Mexico

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