muchos fun

2007-05-03 – 06:33

Mexico stroke me with colors, sounds, tastes, music, food, alcohol, weather, traditions. When we finally find a moment just to sit and drink and relax it finally comes to me where I am and what I am doing. So freaking far away from home. But the distance is not so important. If countries that have nothing in common like Poland and Germany are neighbours it could easily be Poland and Mexico. The bright side of the story is delicious food, mariachi, beer (tried beer with salsa… yhhhh), sunshine, music. The sad side is poverty, kids working on the streets. But also here – you can see some smiles and happiness. Sandra is a true sweetheart. She and her family tries to make me feel like at home. We went visiting around Puebla. Seen a church built on a top of a pyramid. Triumph of the new religion over the old traditions (from the Spanish conquers times). And I ate a bug. Two actually. What’s more – I bought them. Thought it would be more disgusting. Actually was quite ok (spicy) till the moment there is just a crunchy cover left in your mouth. Had to split. Once in the lifetime (twice actually).

Catholic church built after the Spanish invasion on top of the ancient pyramid. And nowadays guys performing an ancient dance next to it.

In the evening we went visiting the center of Puebla. Ended up in a nice bar with beer, tequila and mariachi. Muchos fun.

(this story is a mess but just wanted to explain the pictures a little)

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  2. so nice to see you ;)

    By Anonymous on May 3, 2007

  3. nice to see you too, anonymous :P

    By Szymon on May 3, 2007

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