fish in a sea – you know how i feel

2007-05-09 – 07:42

Finally started traveling on my own. Spending time with Sandra and Jaime was fun but time to move on. Especially that being for too long with a happy couple is not fun anymore after some time (sweet kisses every 30 seconds… damn!). Sandra scared me a little with all the stories how dangerous traveling in Mexico can be. But now being on my own I don’t feel that. Just always look as you knew where you where going (even if you have no freaking idea).

Had some doubts if I still like this kind of traveling. But after today I am sure that there is nothing I like more.

Pick-up trucks filled up with dark-skin guys in cowboy’s hats, colorful buildings, street food, kids working on the streets, tacos, beer with lemon juice (mecholade), policemen with long guns, big trucks, road through steps with cactuses, women with Indian faces selling colorful textiles… Mexico, baby, hell yeah!

(I have a little lag with the pictures but will try to work on that).

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