Mexico City 90 210

2007-05-09 – 07:30

Sandra introduced me to the side of Mexico City I haven’t expected to see. Big big houses, big big cars, private garden birthday parties with open bar, dj and mariachis… Tequila with coke, vodka with tonic, tequila shots… Fortunately Polish people NEVER get drunk. And I am telling you – it’s a hard job to be the only blond guy on the dance floor. ;-)

Sandra and Jaime were so so so nice. They really took good care of me. The right balance between partying and visiting.

Mexico City really paralyzed me. It is just huuuuuge. Oversized streets, oversized traffic, oversized billboards. And hills with nice closed districts of nice villas. And streets full of Audis, Jeeps, Land Rovers with one guy/woman and his/her mobile. Thousands or maybe millions. And green cabs. Glad I made it out of there. 20 million people. Too huge for me.

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