jest dobrze jest dobrze jest

2007-05-20 – 01:05

So – back to reality, back to the ‘real life problems’. So my Brussels’ honey-bunnies Aurelie and Nacho are unable to communicate anymore. They live in the same block and have better communication with me thousands kms away than with each other. And they both have no idea what had happened and where they lost it. This is what happens when you leave the kids alone – they mess around. Come to Poland I will kick your asses, bastards. And Tomek is not good with me when he is overworked underslept and with a hangover. But still he is a sweetheart and I forgive him cause he is a little full sometimes. And on studies I had 7 hours of classes in English with an American guy who spoke too fast, and then 1 hour of a fucking difficult exam, and then we had to make presentations for tomorrow which took us 6 hours. Finished at midnight. Cool?

But I am not complaining. :-) Still optimistic. We’ll see how I’ll face the come back to work on Monday. Can’t wait.

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  2. …. :(

    By Anonymous on May 20, 2007

  3. Anonymous – to oznacza tylko tyle, że kiedyś zmienią wam smycze. :P

    BTW komentarze na blogu nie są najlepszym medium komunikacji.

    By Szymon on May 21, 2007

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