widzę cię – tak wiem

2007-05-26 – 20:48

My weekend in Kraków.

Met a friend I haven’t seen for almost a year. She told me I have changed much. In a better way. More confident, more relaxed, more satisfied. And looking more manly. :-) Nice to hear that. I think I am much better than a year before. And A LOT changed. I am half a way to making one of my biggest dreams come true. And yes – I got older.

Kraków is a truely magical city. My first reaction when I got off the train station was that it smells different to Warsaw. Trees and the amazing Old Town. There is the photo month taking place at the moment, so there are lots of photography exhibitions all around the city. Visited a few of them – really great. Damn I am getting more and more into the culture thanks to my lovely friends.

I am staying at Ewa’s and Monika’s place. It is really great to interact with people doing something so different for living than myself. Have to be more open for people. I wish I had more friends like them.

I did some reading (The Devil and Miss Prym, P.Coelho) and again got really relaxed. I have to get away from Warsaw more often. To the unknown.

I have set purpose to do something creative or usefull everyday. I waste so much time everyday… I should learn something, write or work on my pics, or read, or whatever. The only acceptable excuses are traveling and interacting with people from whom I can learn something. I should try to work on self-development. And learn. And travel.

Time to see the Old Town by night. And have a beer perhaps.

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  2. thanks Szymon, I read it after almost one year one more time, it seems like yestarday… Go for it.
    happy trips!

    By ewka on Apr 11, 2008

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