What doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

2007-06-16 – 00:36

On a plane today I was sitting in the back. There was a little Asian girl sitting in the row behind mine on the other side. She could be 10. With a small lufthansa plastic bag with documents she was sitting there by a window. She must had had a long way behind. She didn’t look ok. She was sitting straight, pale on her face and she was shaking. Next to her there was a guy in a suit 32, and a woman, same age, also on a business travel. So the little girl was obviously not ok. She looked as she was extremely cold or scared or excited or about to throw up… Don’t know. But obviously she was not fine. The guy noticed that but did not help. The same with a the lady (but she had an excuse that she was sitting too far). I just couldn’t look at this. Stopped the stewardess. Excuse me, but I think that this kid needs some attention… She went there asked in English if everything was ok (more the people next to her than the girl), asked to take a look at her during the landing, said thank you to me and went away. Very helpful – 15 seconds of an illusion of we-care. Bullshit. Just 20 more minutes of the little girl’s shaking and we landed. Nobody did anything. But we landed and everything was fine. No victims, she didn’t throw up.

I wish she was sitting next to me. We would listen to a music from iPod, look at some photos, or just go through a newspaper. And maybe she would grown up for a little more different person – more helpful, more caring, more open. But no – this is a tough world baby and you have make it on your own.I am sick of this emotionless world.

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