just get an electric guitar and take some time – learn how to play

2007-06-22 – 21:59

What are your dreams? Did you ever have them? When did you give up? How old were you then? 4? 12? 15? 21? Was it hard to forget?Or maybe you are one of those people who went for that and just started doing what you loved? Maybe you were born in your suit or in your sandals and you are fine?

After 4 days of being fucking professional, all dressed up and stressed up today something just broke inside me. The emotionless bubble crashed. Going to work on a tram I read about nurses striking against the government. Not wanting much – just a decent life. And the prime minister saying they will not get anything. And police moving them away of a street to a sidewalk. And then a quote of a representative of miners saying something like ‘We will not let to hurt the girls. Police used force against them. We are coming to defend them. They can face us we are not afraid.’ Then I just broke. Emotionally.

It sucks that in this country people working for years don’t have a decent life. And it is said that after 20 years after gaining democracy people still have to strike to be heard. And just as then the government is sending police to turn them down.

Then I thought how lucky I am being able to afford so much. Not thinking how much is a candy when buying it, etc. Most of the people in Poland aren’t that lucky.

Then at work I went to HRs to pick up some documents. And this colleague (lady in her 40s) told me that soon she’ll not be working here anymore. After years of working in HR in this company she is quiting and moving to Canada. Not for money – for her passion which is clinical psychology. And she told me that she was doing that part time in a hospital in Poland, but she was paid so little that it almost was a charity job. So she’s moving there to study it more and live of it. I was so amazed. She shown some emotions in this emotionless environment. And then we talked about seeking for opportunities, emigration, life. Amazing.

Next time you call my country a low cost country think about people fighting for a decent life. And I am sorry for not driving an Audi or a BMW and not owning a race motorbike as you do.

But… still I think that you can go for your dreams and achieve what you want. This will be a bumpy road but don’t give up. Ironically you are even in a better position. Owning nothing you have nothing to loose. Starting from nothing you will appreciate more what you gain and achieve. That’s why we – Polish people – will conquer the world one day. And the Polish-Chinese border will come true. Unless you are lazy and you give up. :-) It’s always up to you.

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  2. man, what are you smoking ;-). remember it’s all about your life. don’t waste energy pondering on world injustice. some good karma for your next corner at life. keep blogging, pretty positive, pushing and mind-catching stuff lately :-).

    By trimar on Jun 23, 2007

  3. cóż. czasem włącza mi się czynnik ludzki. czasem na moment zapominam, że przecież cały świat kręci się wokół mnie. czasem. :P

    Dzięki i enjoy.

    By Szymon on Jun 24, 2007

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