changes are good

2007-07-15 – 22:08

Switched the blog application from (which was sucking) to (which looks better). Please update your bookmarks and RSS feeds. I will work on it more some time in the future to make it look nicer and have more pages. Just be patient.

Quick update: Spent last weekend in Denmark – went to Roskilde with Ania and Tomek (was officially introduced as her boyfriend’s boyfriend). Lots of mud, some beer, 110.000 people, 220.000 rubber boots. Some nice bands, some old and not-so-cool-anymore bands (RHCP). Photos from this event pending to be processed and uploaded.
Then took a Monday off and was visiting Copenhagen with Ania (Misiu went back to work and earn money for his high-life living). Easy day.
Then a week in Germany staying in Heidelberg, working in a factory, pretending to be an expert.
Then weekend in Gdynia – beer with Heldt and Lesiu.
And tomorrow back to Germany for a week.

Not much.

Have some stories – hope I will have some time to write them down.

Finished reading Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho. I was really impressed. Not another sweet pseudo-spiritual book. More to the real life than any of his books.

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