she’s looking at you… ah, no, no, she’s looking at me!

2007-07-23 – 14:24

GOING TO INDIA on 10.08 – 04.09! Not planned at all. Decided today, urlaub taken, tickets bought! I love it!

Andrzej and Asia got married this weekend. Nice feeling to participate in that (and be the best man) after so many years of history together. Remembering the old times – long hair, hardcore parties at Orbital, going to concerts together, drinking one bottle of wine each straight from a backpack (to hide from the police), so many nights I slept over at their place watching movies, drinking beer, hundreds of games of pool played in Ygrek while having some hours off during the classes… And now – adult lives, working, having wives, driving cars, changing flats… Anyway, I really had so much fun on their wedding and the party afterwards. I am too modest to say that I was the king of the dance floor, but for sure Justyna (my dancing partner) was the queen! And she left me with an aching knee. Totally worth it! ;-)

Visited Tina in Fürth. And this feeling for having a person cut out of a photo and put together with a different background which doesn’t fit to an image kept in ones head.

Now – off the projects, taking a deep breath in Gdynia. Summertime. :-)

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