clash of worlds

2007-10-31 – 01:02

I call it clash of worlds. Two people speaking the same language but being unable to understand each other. Just because in their life they walked completely different paths.

Take this story, for instance, which I heard from a strange Israeli girl.

Once an old Indian men met a rather young western girl. He was always interested in visitors. Maybe because he had never gone out of the province he had been living in. But he didn’t feel any bad about it, cause even though he hadn’t travelled much, he’d seen much in his life. But “you should always take an opportunity to learn more” he thought when he saw this western girl. He knew that western girls are usually open to talk especially with such a trustworthy-looking old potato as him. So he chose the standard opening line:
– Hello, where are you from?
– Oh, hello, I am from Israel.
The old man had heard of this country before, but didn’t remember anything about it.
– How many people in Israel? – he asked.
– We are six million people living in Israel.
– Sixty?
– No, no, six!
– Sixteen?
– Six.
It was hard to believe. A whole country with six million people. In India that would be a medium city… Strange world.
– So what do your people do?
– Well… We trade weapons.

[shocked] … bad karma… bad karma…
The old man could understand many things but this was just unbelievable.
The young Israeli girl went away and the old Indian man prayed to thank that he is not a part of this crazy world somewhere out there.

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  2. Bardzo fajne zdjęcia. Przemyślane, blisko ludzi.

    Pisałeś w jednym z pierwszych listów, że brakuje Tobie “małego kompaktowego aparatu”. Po nabyciu wprawy w Indiach podtrzymujesz, że taki aparacik przyda się? Duża lustrzanka sprawia większe problemy (naciągacze), czy to kwestia śmiałości w celowaniu z obiektywu?

    By dominik on Mar 20, 2008

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