think global

2007-12-02 – 00:51


i’ll take a flight to you girl
or maybe i should drive
i’ll call a cab and wait
to get into your arms

we have to talk it over
but don’t know where you are
which number i should use
which cross which roundabout

half-a-way is never close
and there’s no such a bus
it’s just a few days off
some hours in my car

i should take the shortest route
but sometimes i just can’t
i almost missed your stop there
you saw me you pulled me out

it’s so difficult to follow
living this fast-moving life
tonight it took just 1725,41 kilometers
to say to you good night

it’s worth it if you try it
just sixteen hours drive
it’s just another airport
just one more traffic lights

this is the way i’m going
this is another try
this is a new experience
globalized private life

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