This is Pai.

2008-08-13 – 10:10

[2008-08-12, Pai, Thailand]

There is this guy who came to Pai and stayed for six months. I asked him “how did you end up doing that?”. He said “well, I came here for a day, and then I decided to stay for another day, so I stayed for a week and then I decided to stay for another week. After a month I decided to stay for one more. So… that’s how it happened.” This laid-back, chilled-out atmosphere sucks in. At the first day you get to know some people, then you get to know more people, then you go out for breakfast to your favourite place and you know most of the people on a street, then you start to recognize dogs, then you start to know dogs by name… This is Pai. You want to leave, but you end up in a bar till early morning, and when your alarm clock goes off, you just think “well, I will go tomorrow, there is no rush, I can stay one more day here”. That’s Pai.

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  2. There is a guy living in Pai
    being there for a long time without knowing why
    And when you ask him for a reason why
    he says he just doesn’t like goodbyes.

    One day he packed stuff (it was in may)
    But his mate in the bar asked him to stop by
    so he decided to give it a try
    and ended up in Pai (from May) till July.

    By dziadpokemon on Aug 19, 2008

  3. nieźle rymujesz dziadzie

    By Szymon on Aug 20, 2008

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