2008-08-22 – 08:23

[Koh Chang, Thailand]

Age: 85. Living alone in a house by the sea. He used to be a captain (got his title from the King). Smoked too many cigarettes in his life, so now he has breathing problems. He shared with me the best things he had – coconuts, fruits… In excachange I visited him again with two beers. Amazing person, amazing experience, amazing moments.

Live long, Captain!

  1. 3 Responses to “Captain”

  2. Gosciu jest zajebisty po prostu !! Tylko tam nie zostan !!

    By Justa on Aug 22, 2008

  3. he is ald but so much life ..
    how did you speak with him?
    in thailandian? ;)

    By Mmarina on Sep 6, 2008

  4. we spoke in sign language mostely :-)

    By Szymon on Sep 6, 2008

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