chicken is very impotant

2008-09-18 – 08:31

For four days I was travelling with Vanessa and Bessie, two girls from Hong Kong. I met them when I took a trip to Snow Mountain nearby Lijiang. The trip was a total disaster for me – waking up early, being stuck with stupid Chinese tourists, wasting time waiting, then being forced to hurry up, hearing them shouting, etc. With the girls We travelled to the Lugu Lake and Shangrila. We quickly found out that even though we don’t have common backgrounds, culture, physical apperance (tiny people), but we share one thing – the level of craziness. So we had lots of fun, joking all the time about Chinese tourists (Checkie Chan clones – remember the famous scene from the Family Guy?), we disputed which is more important love or chicken (“chicken is very impotant” – repeated over and over with an Indian accent), I called them “tiny” (160 cms), they called me “giant”. My gosh, I had such a good time!

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  2. Hey Giant!
    We also had a great time with you too! We will always remember how pissed your look was when you were with those Chinese tourists! And how ‘Blue’ you were among the ‘Reds’!
    Take care in somewhere out there in China~ Do come to Hong Kong and visit us if you have time~

    By tiny v on Sep 21, 2008

  3. woo…the Giant is talking!!! Even though you’re huge (in size), please let us know where are you now so we can track you down through the satellite.

    By small bes on Sep 23, 2008

  4. hi tiny b and v,

    I am in Chengdu now (again). I’ve been to Emei Mountain and did some lazy trekking there – cabel car mostely ;-). It was walking in a cloud again. Slowly I am heading to Beijing.


    By Szymon on Sep 23, 2008

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