pocztówka z Zakopanego

2009-04-25 – 01:28

[Zakopane, Kasprowy Wierch, Poland]

Sugar Loaf

it’s all a joke after all

  1. 3 Responses to “pocztówka z Zakopanego”

  2. F A K E !!!! :P

    By mat on Apr 25, 2009

  3. Hey…great photo of you…still having a great time?!! I really enjoy your photos…can I be a pest? and ask for just a wee bit more of English, my Polish is terrible…oh well, I better have some golonka for dinner! Cheers.

    By Walt on Apr 25, 2009

  4. Hey Walt! Yeah, I am almost done with partying in Rio… just a few more days and then I will move my lazy ass out of this marvellous city! The most beautiful city I’ve seen so far!

    Unfortunatelly I can’t express myself properly in English, so I decided on writing in Polish. With translate.google.com you can usually catch the meaning.

    Golonka, pierogi, barszcz, bigos – these are the things to try. And Tyskie!

    By Szymon on Apr 25, 2009

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