audio boy

2009-05-27 – 21:46

audio boy

Luis Bergmann, 33, Brazilian. Works as a music composer/sound effects maker for computer games, movies and TV shows. Recently decided to quit his stationary life, so he quit his rented apartment, sold his books, furniture, etc., and started travelling while working remotely. He can do his job from anywhere with his notebook, telephone, a pair of headphones and an internet connection.

Luis also started an interesting project. With a pair of specially modified microphones that look like regular headphones (not the ones he has on the picture) he records sounds of the world around him and uploads them online to his audiolog.

This post is a part of my miniproject “dreamers“.

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  2. wow, these posts are incredible, szymon!

    I’ve just read that:

    I’m not sure if you’re into contests…but though you may like it.

    By luis on May 27, 2009

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