wschodzić będziemy codziennie w świat

2011-09-05 – 21:51

trzeci miesiąc na wypasie.

“Sopocachi is a neighbordhood in La Paz, Bolivia. It is located in the central part of the city, and is part of the Cotahuma district. Sopocachi is mainly a residential area, being one of the biggest residential districts of the city, along with Calacoto. Some of the city’s largest buildings are located here. The Plaza Avaroa (Avaroa Square), Plaza España (Spain Square), two medium-size important squares, and the Montículo, a big hill with monumental areas, are located in Sopocachi.

It is connected with San Jorge, in the south, and Cristo Rey, in the west, neighbordhoods and with Downtown La Paz in the north. The residents of Sopocachi tend to be Roman Catholic, white and mestizo (Spanish and other European with Aymara and Quechua descent) with middle to high socioeconomic status from all ages.” źródło